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Scheduled Maintenance Services

Automotive manufacturers publish repair recommendations for the vehicles they produce. In order to keep a vehicle in proper working condition, various items need to be inspected or replaced.

The intervals for these needs may vary by TIME and by MILEAGE. The type of driving and also the type of environment that the vehicle is driven thru is taken into calculation. If a vehicle is driven on a lot of dirt roads or rough terrain or the vehicle pulls a trailer the time between the scheduled maintenance changes. Also, since we live in a “severe” climate maintenance schedules are usually sooner.

Following these inspection and replacement recommendations can save the owner of the vehicle a lot of money and reduce the unexpected vehicle system failures.

Fluids top the list of replacement “parts” followed closely by “wearable” parts. If you purchased a used vehicle, my recommendation is to obtain as much vehicle maintenance records from the previous owner as possible and have the vehicle thoroughly inspected.

Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil has 3 main advantages:

Advantage 1:
Superior engine protection especially in severe conditions as in extreme heat in extreme cold. The oil flows thru the small areas of the engine better.

Advantage 2:
Synthetic oil has longer replacement intervals which means less time spent in the repair shop which makes it more convenient for the customer. However it is very important level is checked or every 1000 miles!!!

Advantage 3:
Price per mile is better with a synthetic oil then a standard oil. If the average cost for an oil change is $30 and you get 3000 miles for it, it cost $90 for every 9000 miles. With a synthetic oil you usually get six months or 10,000 miles which means you get an extra 1,000 miles for the same price.